What? Why?

What is a B-List Dude?

A B-List Dude is an actor that is not an A-List Dude. We here at DotW use the general criteria of Dudes who
1.) haven’t led a franchise.
2.) haven’t won an Oscar.
3.) are not immediately recognizable to non-cinephile friends and family in the Midwest.

Some of the guys are very accomplished. Some are movie stars from other countries who just haven’t hit here. Our job is to catch them on the climb upward and appreciate them before they get too cool.

Why should we care?

B-List Dude of the week is less about hotness and more about finding new TV shows, movies, and entertainment. You want to find something new on Netflix? Search the week’s winner and see what is available. Want to know which TV shows you should binge watch to prep for a new season? Check the nominees’ credits. You want to see something with at least one set of nice abs? Ok… so sometimes it is about that base appeal. But you get the picture.

Is there a B-List Lady Dude of the Week?

Unfortunately, without a broad A-List, there can be no B-List. Until Hollywood starts allowing more women to occupy lead roles AND supporting roles in franchises and to win Oscars for portraying something other than mothers or girlfriends, there just isn’t a defined lady B-List from which to draw. If you wanna see B-List Ladies, go see lady movies and watch lady shows. Create a broad lady A-List to we can celebrate B-List ladies that do more than scream in horror films or wear Carl Lagerfeld’s increasingly crazypants clothes.

Can I suggest a dude or category?

Yes! We love hearing about new dudes or ideas. Email blistdudeoftheweek@gmail.com


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