And Your B-List Dude of the Week is…


British Actor Russell Tovey Philips British Academy Television Awards in 2011 - Drama photography shoot for Event Brochure and The Observer Magazine. Styling Rachel Fanconi and Neil Cunningham - Make Up by MAC and Hair by Charles Worthington. Styling partners Carat Jewelery.

Age: Good Lord! (He’s 33, like Jesus when he died. Get it?)
Height: Normal (5’10”)
Nationality: Pre-US (He’s British)

Russell Tovey was on a bunch of BBC stuff that, due to my unfortunately location in the United States, I have not seen. He was, however, also in Little Dorrit – a BBC/HBO co-production, which I have seen, and he was excellent. He was also Budgie in the adorable Gavin & Stacey, which is also James Cordons come from. Both of them are now much better known over here, but Russell was first. At the same time he was doing all these programs I actually watched, he also starred alongside fellow B-List Dude Aidan Turner in Being Human. He was the werewolf to Turner’s vampire, and it was all very excellent. We all kinda got to know him by way of Sherlock, and then he hit the US in earnest as Kevin in the prematurely-canceled and very good Looking. He’s scheduled next for the Looking special on HBO, but I really hope he lands another show soon since he is super talented and a very earnest actor. It’s really easy to like Russell Tovey, and it is absolutely no surprise to me that he won for play a werewolf that is, effectively, a puppy.

Tomorrow, I have a guest post from my friend Elliot in the Fear the Chick Flick series. I’ll be posting my own on Friday, and I’m sure I’ll have words about CRIMSON PEAK OMG I’M SO FREAKING EXCITED… sorry. Deep breaths. And of course, more spooky and evil October voting next week! Thanks, as always, for stopping by!


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